Hangout bunkbeds / Greywash

Hangout bunkbeds / Greywash

  • £1,550.00
  • Save £345

Bedframe in finest knotfree pine with smooth greywash frame finish, coloured theme panels remove easily to the bare bunkbed frame lateron.

Working windows!! Inside and end ladder for playmates.

When choosing the inside ladder the upper bed mattress is 90 x 160cm.You can choose the folding mattress to fit this ,and if taking out this ladder,then the folding mattress goes to full 200cm length....useful! (You move the board you can now see below ,up into the top bed to do this mod.)

Perfect theme for special child who has ceiling height of 230-cm min.

Full single size 102 x 207cm externally.Load capacity 85kg min.

What's included: all wood components as seen ,not mattress or soft fabrics.