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Is there need a change in your kid’s room or do you want to renovate your children room but are limited on space? If yes, like is that then bunkbeds are the great choice in your kid’s room. Bunk beds are not only used for small space purpose, they have also some other features such as they are very attractive and light in weight.

Nowadays they are available in many designs and styles like as wood or metal.  And now you are able to find a style that you like most of the wide range variety available on the market today. But, it is the big question – who is the best online bunk beds shop? Little elves furniture is the best online kid’s furniture shop. Our bunk beds range is the perfect choice for your families that reside in the Buckinghamshire. So, if you’re just looking to save your room space, buy today and save with our exclusive range of bunkbeds in Buckinghamshire.


Why our bunkbeds

Our bunk beds come with exclusive storage space for your child's important things. Furthermore, these type beds have extra storage space for all their daily used things like clothes, toys, and books. These beds can also help your kids to learn that they should keep their room neat and clean at all times.

What type bunkbeds we offer

  • Wood
  • Metal


Everyone knew that wood bunk beds add the attractive and beautiful touch in any room. We offer different types of bunk beds in wood like oak, ash, cherry, maple and other types of wood beds to match the environment of the kid’s room. Wood bunkbeds match other wood furniture in your child's room and are a very sturdy type of bed.


We provide many durable, beautiful and attractive metal bunk beds that you will like. These types of beds can be a very good and long-term investment for your home. The metals beds will be a perfect choice if your home has a lot of metal décor. However, Metal bunk beds are open allowing qualities to look like there is more available space. Furthermore, here these beds are available in different styles and colors.

We are sure your child will be very satisfied and pleased with this type of bunkbed. While, our bunk beds are coming in various sizes, shapes, colors, and style today. Hence, if you have more than one kid we are sure this will be the best bed for them because we know that children love the fact if one bed is being fixed on top of the other bed. In this way, they get their own bed and they can decorate any way they like and love. So, we provide beds that your kids will like sleeping in for many years.

If you have any queries please call us on one of our numbers 0800 043 8066 or 07950 006778 and email at sales@littleelvesfurniture.com    your inquiry will be resolved immediately.