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Welcome and have a look at our high quality and adjustable Flexa Furniture

Children have a world of their own, which is quite different from adults. This is why they want their bedroom to reflect their world of dreams. Here, at Little Elves Furniture, we offer a wide range of Flexa Furniture which will turn their room into a fun place while keeping everything organized. Our furniture will help in making their world a reality. Our furniture has everything including dressing tables, chairs, desks and beds in different styles, designs and colours.

The Flexa Furniture quality is that it transforms and adapt to the ever evolving needs of children. The furniture grows as your child grows. So you can totally rely on flexa to give the best to your children in terms of beds, storage and seating. You can browse the collection we have for children and select the one that will fit your child bedroom. Whether you are looking for new furniture or refurbishing the existing one, our furniture will add colour and life to the room.

Flexa Beds


The impression of having a flexa bed is that they are flexible and adaptable. If you get a standard single bed for your child, at some point in life you have to replace it when your child grows older. You then either have to buy a bunk bed or mid-height bed. With the flexa beds you do not have to buy the beds again and again and this saves you a lot of hassle and money. Our beds are manufactured using high quality materials because they have to last longer. When you child is just 2 years old you can give them a low bed and as they grow just add ladder and legs to make it a bunk bed. After that you can change the space underneath to create a desk or a high bed.

Flexa is not just about flexibility it is also about the safety of the children. Due to this reason, we use only eco-friendly paint or varnish and good quality wood.

Our furniture has smooth finishing with no rough edges and protruding nails that can harm your child. This is yet another reason that we get thumbs up from our customers.

So decorate your child bedroom with our affordable, flexible and high quality Flexa furniture in Hertfordshire. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries related to our furniture.